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Thursday, April 22, 2010

MLB TV Streams with Stats and more on PS3

- PlayStation Blog has said Major League Baseball TV streams are now available on PS3.
- There is a MLB.TV app for free in the US and Canada stores.
- From the release:

"Some of the unique interactive features that we show in the demo include:

* MLB Scoreboard – See a schedule of today’s games (and set options to control whether or not you see the scores)
* Home and Away Feeds – Choose to watch either the home or away broadcast feed
* HD quality video and DVR functionality – watch a live game in HD (with Live Game DVR functionality that lets you pause and rewind live games of fast-forward back to live game action)
* Season Archive – Want to re-live a great moment? Go back and watch games you’ve missed from earlier in the season.
* Scrollable Linescore – Go directly to any half-inning to watch only that portion of the game.
* Favorite Teams/Calendar Schedule – Scroll through the entire 2010 Major League Baseball schedule in calendar format or designate your favorite team(s) to see the schedule for that team.

You can now download the app from the “Media” category on PlayStation Store, and launch it from the Video section of the XMB.

You must be an MLB.TV subscriber to fully utilize this app (some features, such as the calendar schedule, are available to everyone for free). There are two annual packages: MLB.TV is $99.95 and MLB.TV Premium is $119.95. If you aren’t already a MLB.TV subscriber, you can go to ps3.com/mlbtv to sign up. Once you’ve subscribed, link your MLB.TV subscription to a PS3 (via the app), and enjoy the season!"
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PS3 Firmware v3.30 Out Now

- PlayStation Blog has announced PS3 Firmware v3.30 is out now and includes some prep work for 3D support and enhancements to Trophies so that you can sort them in various ways.
- Also present, but unannounced are a setting for Bitstream Direct, (output audio with the original digital signal prioritized,) or Mix, (mixed with sound effects such as button sounds and then converted to bitstream format,) on Blu-ray movies, plus Remote Play from VAIO PCs.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Converting PS3 Games to 3D

- EuroGamer has an interesting piece on the process taken to convert MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and WipEout HD into 3D versions which are shipping in June.
- In fact, you get those games for free, (well, a demo of MotorStorm,) if you buy a Sony Bravia HX803 3D TV in June, along with PAIN and Super Stardust HD.
- Mostly the resolution had to be dropped in order to render two images, sometimes reducing some of the special effects, (which are no longer needed when viewing a 3D image,) and tweaking game UI to fit in 3D space.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

PlayTV to get Facebook Integration

- PlayStation Blog has hints of upcoming updates to the PlayTV service.
- The only thing they call out is Facebook integration, but promise more is coming later in the year.
- PlayTV brings DVR functionality to your PS3... if you live in the UK, the UAE Australia or New Zealand.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

78% of PS3s are Online

- The percentage of users that have taken their console online in the U.S., according to the numbers from research firm The Diffusion Group:
- 78% of PS3
- 73% of Xbox 360
- 54% of Wii

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Video of Hacked PS3 v3.21 Firmware Reenables "Install Other OS"

- In the video below Geohot shows his custom hacked v3.21 firmware which re-enables the "Install Other OS" feature that the most recent official Sony firmware release removed.
- From Geohot:

"This can be installed without having to open up your PS3, just by restoring a custom generated PUP file, but only from 3.15 or previous. It's possible this CFW will also work on the slim to actually *enable* OtherOS; I'll know when my infectus gets here.
No release date yet, use the proxy hack to play online with 3.15"
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Thursday, April 01, 2010

PS3 Firmware v3.21 Out Now

- PS3 firmware v3.21 is available now as a mandatory update, (so no PSN access without it.)
- The update removes Linux support from older PS3 systems, (PS3 Slim never had the feature,) after warning the user.
- Download from PlayStation.com or via the XMB as usual.

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