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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home Patch 1.05 Brings Back VOIP

- PlayStation Blog announced the release of a new patch to Home which adds VOIP functionality back in.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home - 10 Days On

- Here is a recap of the big moments of Sony's Home launch over the past few days.
- Home was given its own "home"-page on PlayStation.com.
- The game client itself was finally launched, (still technically in beta,) in many regions on December 11th. The launch wasn't without issues however, with some snags and outages along the way.
- You can access home under the PlayStation Network bar of the XMB. You get all the basic services and features for free and included in the beta. Some items you would be charged for though, such as premium clothing.
- Sony believe that Home will sell PS3's.
-Here is an example of a game space in Home, the Red Bull Air Race:

- Namco release a game demo that unlocks items in Home when you play.
- Word comes in, just days after release, that Home has been hacked already:

- The above is only editing the local files for that player, but SKFU has found exploits in Home's scripts to upload, download and delete files from Sony's servers.
- Some players were still experiencing connetion problems, (error C-931,) but a patch was forthcoming
- However, patch 1.04 has also disabled VOIP in Home for now.

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PS3 Wireless Keypad Review

- Engadget have a PS3 Wireless Keypad Review up on their site.
- Spoiler: While the keypad is better than a d-pad, $50 is expensive for a tiny keyboard when you could just as easily buy a USB or wireless PC keyboard.

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