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Welcome to PS3-Files.com. Here you will be able to download the latest games for your Sony Playstation 3, the most powerful games console in the world.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Backup PS3 Games to HDD?

- There are some rumours circulating that this is a way to backup your PS3 games to the HDD and play from there without the need for a disc.
- More news as we get is, but Engadget tips us off.

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More Media Functions for PS3

- VidZone is a new music service for streaming and downloading songs and music videos to your PS3 and other Sony devices.
- Joystiq do their unboxing of PlayTV.
- And finally there is EyePet, which you can see a trailer for below.

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Firmware Rumours

- Two rumours about upcoming features in future PS3 firmware updates.
- First is the ability to rip PS2 Singstar tracks into the PS3 version, much like Rock Band.
- Second is screenshot functionality via the XMB.

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80GB and 160GB PS3s

- A pair of new PS3 SKUs are making themselves available.
- First is a 160GB version, packaged with Drake's Fortune, Pain and a DualShock 3 for $500. Buy Now
- There is also a new 80GB version which is rumoured to contain new
65nm CPU and GPU chips. Buy Now
- Joystiq put together a chart comparing the PS3 SKUs.

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PS3 Wireless Keypad

- Multiple reports of Sony's new Wireless Keypad accessory for the PS3 are showing up, including a listing on Amazon for $50.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

PS3 News Update

- Here is a post to catch up on a bunch of PS3 news.
- First, there have been some firmware updates. v240 was taken down, but v241 quickly followed up. v242 is out now too.
- For those interested in Trophies, info has come out about the Little Big Planet additions. Apparently Sony may mandate some unique trophies for their titles, (in other words, challenges that are different to Xbox 360 achievements.)
- Qore have continued to put out new episodes.
- Logitech released a steering wheel.
- There is now a Greatest Hits line of games for PS3. Find out which are worth buying. In other cheap games news, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty is only $15.
- Sony cut the price of the 80GB PS3 down to $400. EU/Australia will get it in August. The FCC got in on the action and showed off some details of the new model.
- Your PSN account will work cross platform.
- Then there is the PSN video store. It is open now, but not in the PAL regions. However, the EU will get PlayTV in September.
- Certain areas of Home will be region locked. A couple of game specific areas were revealed for Warhawk and Uncharted.
- Some more lifestyle apps, "Life with PlayStation" is coming this month.
- Sony love their XMB interface, of PSP and PS3 fame. So much so that the XMB is coming to Vaio laptops.
- And PS3 homebrew is kicking off and we now have the inevitable Pong for PS3.

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