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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Both Versions Of PS3 For UK After All?

- GamesIndustry.biz have this tidbit:

SCE UK's David Wilson has told GamesIndustry.biz that both the 20GB and 60GB versions of the PlayStation 3 are likely to go on sale in the UK - but not neccessarily on the day the console launches.

According to Wilson, Sony is currently in "a period of open consultation with retail and consumers to decide on the best way to approach the impending launches of both skus."

When asked if this meant that Sony had definitely decided to launch both models in the UK, despite earlier reports that only the 60GB model would appear in this territory, Wilson replied: "No. The likelihood is that both will be made available. But at launch? I don't know."
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Developers Getting Behind PS3

- In a comment in another story, Next-Gen.biz has a qoute from SCEA PR manager Ryan Bowling about PS3 support.

"He noted that top publishers and developers are still strongly tied with SCEA. "The best and brightest development teams are hard at work creating familiar franchises and original IP for the PS3 including – EA, Konami, Sega, Rockstar, Activison and our own internal studios just to name a few," Bowling stated.
He also offered the latest PS3 dev kit shipment figures, in an effort to exhibit Sony's commitment to developers. "To date we have shipped more than 10,000 development systems to 208 companies in 11 countries, the largest number ever for a PlayStation platform.""

- Just to recap: 10,000 devkits at 208 companies around the world in 11 countries!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

US PS3 Site Launches... With Apple Logo?

- Weird story of the day comes from Joystiq who noticed the Apple logo appearing on the US PlayStation 3 website.
- Speculation is on a trial version of some Apple software being used to produce the website, but this is still unconfirmed.
- The logo has gone now though, so don't go thinking iTunes is coming to PS3 or anything!

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Download And Play Sony Games For Free

- You should check out GameTap. It is pretty sweet.
- Right now they have a 2 week free trial which gives you unlimted downloads and playtime of their games, of which there are over 500 so far.
- And these are decent games too, such as:

Sonic & Knuckles
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Racing Deluxe
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series
Tomb Raider series including The Angel of Darkness

- Even better, there is no commitment. So signup, play the games and quit if you don't like it!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New PS3 Website

- Official EU Sony PS3 Website has now been launched.
- Not much more than a flashy brochure, but hey, it's all we got.

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