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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Controller Comparison

- Interesting read over at GameDaily: Next Gen Controller Breakdown, their impressions after getting their hands on all three consoles' offerings now, after E3.
- Here are the three conclusions if you don't want to read the whole thing:

"Overall Xbox 360: The Xbox 360 controller isn't anything blazingly new in terms of control, but a fine modified version of the Controller S pad into wireless form that provides a great deal of comfort and ease of control. Something could be done to prolong the battery life or at least give an indication as to when it needs a change, but past that little setback, this is a great controller that works with a number of game types, be it a complex first-person shooter like Gears of War or a simple card game such as Uno.

Overall PS3: Sony's PS3 controller has a long way to go. Despite the fact that it has gyroscopic features built in and returns to the same old Dual Shock formula that the previous controllers did, it feels cheaply put together and seems to have most of its innovation borrowed from that other competitor, the Nintendo Wii. There's not really an original hook here to keep gamers thinking that the PS3 is innovative, even though the controller has that sense of comfort. Fortunately, the very final edition will see Sony giving it a little heft and a push of originality.

Overall Wii: The Nintendo Wii-mote is a solid controller and a greatly designed tool that should help boost the company back into the next-generation race. The system itself could use a little more of a technical boost to live up to this peripheral's potential, and some of the games aren't as smooth controlling as others (playing Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam with a sideways Wii-mote takes getting used to), but it still plays wonderfully and could lead the way for a new direction as to how games are played. Hell, even Sony's stealing some ideas."
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Tekken 6 Teaser

- Some pure eye candy in this Tekken 6 teaser trailer from E3 on YouTube.

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PS2Dev Open PS3Dev Forums

- Homebrew development forum PS2Dev has now opened their PS3Dev Forum ready for all the tinkerers out there on launch day.
- In the mean time, why not practice on the PSP?

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Linux And SDK On PS3

- Check out this Joystiq post.
- SCE Network System Development Manager Izumi Kawanishi has said the PlayStation 3 will ship with a built-in Linux OS, (already known,) complete with compilers and other tools, (previously rumored and great news!)
- But how far will we be allowed to take the PS3? Will Sony provide any PS3 specific API's to help us along?

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Videos Of PS3 OS

- Two movies of the PS3 interface in action, (as previously reported to look alot like the PSP OS.)

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

No PlayStation Points Cards In UK

- In that same MVC article, the following quote can be found:

"We won't be launching the pre-pay card for online that was demonstrated at the [E3] press conference. It's not right for the UK - too difficult to launch or manage."

- So, credit cards it is then for purchasing content through the PlayStation Network.

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No "Core" PS3 For UK?

- MVC, a trade magazine for the interactive entertainment industry, has an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire and he has the following to say:

"The lower-end 20Gb version of PlayStation 3 has no wi-fi, no HDMI and none of the other slots in it, so it'’s really a question of where we would position it. It'’s more likely that we will only launch the 60Gb version [in the UK.]"

- The means the only option left is the the "Premium" version, priced at £425, ($800,) by Maguire.
- While I wouldn't pick up the budget version myself, I doubt I would want to spend £425 either, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sony Turns 60

- May 7th 1946 was the day Sony started their plan to take over the world. Happy 60th Birthday Sony!

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Tour Sony's E3 Booth

- Go on a tour of Sony's E3 booth through pictures and the magic of the Internet. Engadget has it all ready for you.
- I like the "PSP's on a subway" setup.

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PlayStation 3 Interface

- Engadget has an image up of the PS3 interface, and it looks just like a black version of the PSP.
- Not a terrible choice, but I find the PSP OS to be a little slow sometimes, (too much scrolling around.)

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Wiimote Vs DualShake

- Engadget lays down their initial impressions of both the new controllers from Sony and Nintendo in an attempt to find a victor.
- If you don't want to read it, they basically say the motion detection was added to the PS3 at the last minute, (like two weeks before E3.) That means it was probably in response to Nintendo's move and also meant only one game supported the motion detection, Warhawk. It seemed a little slow, but that could just be the way the demo was coded, or the rushed SDK.
- Either way Nintendo won this round.

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Assassins: Creed Demo Running On 360?

- We have no idea, but IGN had this story up a while ago...

"Ubisoft Montreal revealed its next incredible project, Assassins: Creed, exclusively for PlayStation 3 at E3 this year, much to the delight of Sony console fans and to the dismay of Microsoft consoles fans. Ubisoft officially would not comment on a possible Xbox 360 version.

According to sources close to the company, however, there are potential plans for an Xbox 360 version at Assassins: Creed sometime in 2007. Additionally, Microsoft sources who asked not to be mentioned by name, claimed the demo, hidden behind closed doors at E3, was running on an Xbox 360 using a third-party USB PlayStation controller. The game system was hidden in a stand covered by a sheet. Again, Ubisoft officials would not comment."
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John Carmack On 360 Vs PS3

- A video clip from an interview with John Carmack, co-founder of id software, gets his opinion on the difference between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some Truths About The PS3

- It is not all happy days and sunshine over at the PS3 camp. More like smoke and mirrors in my opinion.
- First the price. Pretty high, but you can save $100 if you only go for the 20GB hard drive. Oh, but Sony failed to mention in their speech that you will also lose out on HDMI output, MemoryStick, SD card & CompactFlash slots and 802.11 b/g wireless. Not so great for that $100 saving...
- Also, the first things Kaz said at the briefing was Sony didn't do gimmicks (poking at the Wii and the "Wiimote",) and didn't rush (obviously referring to Microsoft's one year headstart with 360.) Then they go and add motion detection to the controller. This one has been swimming around in my head and could be a good thing for Nintendo, (publishers can now create games for Wii and PS3 more easily, meaning Wii gets more games via PS3 ports,) and a bad thing for Microsoft, (they are left with the only non motion detecting controller right now, but that is an easy fix,) with Sony doing pretty well either way, (players may not like the idea of waving, but they can be introduced to it, or publishers can ignore it.)
- But something not mentioned about the "DualShake" controller is that the rumble feature has been removed. This is blamed on the vibration which "interferes with information detected by the sensor." Funny... I thought it was because of the lawsuit that said Sony had to pay up for each rumble controller produced now and you needed a new "gimmick" to fill the hole... Oh, and the Wiimote still rumbles.
- Another gimmick: using the PSP as a second screen, (in this case a rear view mirror in a rcing game.) Something else Nintendo have already tried with the GBA/Gamecube connection.
- The small online demo does look promising though and could be huge for Sony. It looks like they have taken some of the most sucessful online ventures (iTunes Music Store, MySpace, Xbox Live!) and put them all together for PS3 and PSP. If they can get downloadable content priced correctly, (they keep putting $0.00 next to everything in the demos so far,) then this will probably be the most exciting part of the PlayStation for me.
- The games look cool too, but they are very same-y. Everyone out there seems to be making games that are either "Lord of the Rings" style epic battles with hundreds of enemies, or are "God of War" rip offs with flashy moves and easy to use combos. "Eight Days" looked like a lot of fun, (almost like an action movie,) if it really plays as shown. "The Resistance: Fall of Man" looked like "Call of Duty" with aliens.

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E3: Sony Press Conference Video Stream

- In the last few minutes GameSpot have released their free (lo-res) stream of the entire Sony Press Conference.
- Coming soon is a downloadable version too. Signup to GameSpot Plus for hi-res versions.
- UPDATE: Download just released to watch at your leisure. Warning, it is a 2 hour presentation so the download may be large and the stream takes some time to watch, (I just got finished up and it was pretty cool!)

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Monday, May 08, 2006

E3: Game Screenshots

- Lots of images of PS3 games from Engadget's PS3 event live coverage.
- In order of appearance: Gran Turismo HD demo, Gran Turismo HD menu, The Eye Of Judgment (EyeToy enabled card battle game), a shot of the Online Store and Metal Gear Solid 4.

Gran Turismo HD Demo

Gran Turismo HD Menu

The Eye Of Judgment

PS3 Online Store

Metal Gear Solid 4

- Just some of the other games announced: Assassin's Creed; Gundam: Mobile Suit; Coded Arms: Assault; Ridge Racer 7; Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway; Tekken 6; Sonic The Hedgehog; Virtua Tennis 3; Virtua Fighter 5; Stranglehold; Fatal Inertia; Bladestorm; Amored Core 4 and More!
- Expect more from the playable games on the showfloor soon.

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E3: PS3 Controller

New Sony PlayStation 3 Controller

- The final design is here at last!
- Engadget shows us that the new control pad is an updated version of the Dual Shock 2 as expected.
- What's new? Bluetooth wireless and 3D motion detection, (tilting the controller for pitch, yaw and roll.)
- Here is the old one, incase you forgot:

Old Sony PlayStation 3 Controller
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E3: PS3 Launch Details

- All you need to know:

"Today we're pleased to announce the global PS3 launch details. We will make PS3 available via a two-configuration plan. One with a 60GB HD. And the other with a 20GB hard drive. Japan's date: Nov. 11. In Japan 59,800 Yen. The 60GB PS3 will have an open price which retailers will set. In North America [to launch Nov 17]: 20GB for $499, 60GB for $599. Europe has 20GB for 499 Euro, 60GB for 599 Euro. 2 million to ship worldwide during the launch window. 4 million by end of calendar year 2006. By March 31, 2007 they'll have shipped 6 million worldwide."

- Via Engadget.

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