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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pricing From PlayStation Magazine

- Team Xbox is reporting that the latest issue of PSM has the following PS3 details:

* $399 in the US, €322 in Europe and ¥45,965 in Japan.
* Launching first half of November along with the PlayStation Network Platform service offering free online gameplay.
* 60GB non-removable hard drive included.
* PS and PS2 games will run on the PS3 in 720p, 1080i and 1080p.
* Games not region blocked on Blu-ray Discs.
* Launch line-up and final controller design expected at E3.

- However, CNN's gaming writer Chris Morris thinks Sony will not announce a price for the PS3 at E3 in a couple of weeks since they can get more media attention at a later date by announcing it then.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

More GDC Video

- More GDC video, this time featuring Phil Harrison and the media Q&A following his GDC keynote.
- He avoids a few questions about the hardware but did talk about "content offerings" that will be charged at a "premium." Also, there are "no plans to charge for [multiplayer gaming] at the moment."

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Pricepoint Confusion

- Engadget and Joystiq commented earlier on a radio interview on Generations Europe with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe VP George Fornay. He mentioned that the PS3 will cost between €499 and €599 euros, which is around $613 and $736 USD.
- Joystiq said that if the prices were real, it would be for the EU and the US was likely to see a range of $499 and $599.
- Problem is that it seems the piece was badly translated.

"Sony has stated that the comments made by Sony Computer Entertainment France boss Georges Fornay yesterday regarding the price of the PS3 were "not an indication of PS3 pricing" and were "mistranslated or misunderstood". He was in fact speculating that if the PS3 were to launch between €499 and €599 it would be considered cheap in comparison to dedicated Blu-Ray drives (which start at around 700 euros) but that "current video games machines" (excluding the Xbox 360, natch) would still be significantly cheaper than the PS3.

Gamesindustry.biz says that this correction suggests the PS3 could launch from anywhere between €150 and €800 euros, but if you ask us that range is about as useful as anywhere between one and infinity. Move along folks, nothing to see here."
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

GDC Videos

- Above is a video from GDC about an upcoming PS3 game, Warhawk.
- Below is a great on for Motor Storm.
- You may also want to check out this sped-up video, (with no sound) which has clips from Warhawk, Getaway 3, Lair, Heavenly Sword, the shot-up car from an unannounced title and Rachet & Clank

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