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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nvidia Working On New Sony Product

- Engadget tell us that Nvidia are working on a GPU for a new Sony product that is not the PS3.
- So what is it? A PSP2? A cell phone? A DVD player? Who knows.
- I'll guess its Sony's version of a handheld PC.

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PS3 Games Region Free

- IGN reminds us of another GDC tidbit. All PS3 games will be region free.
- That means all those crazy games that only the Japanese get can be enjoyed by PS3 owners everywhere.
- Chances are, Blu-Ray movies will still be locked out though.

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Download Old Games

- GamesIndustry.biz tells us that Sony intend to allow PS3 owners to download some PSone and PS2 titles to their PS3 hard drives.
- They are also allowing PSP owners to play PSone titles from Memory Sticks.
- Not a bad feature to have when Nintendo are improving their library of downloadable titles for the Revolution all the time.

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GDC Wrap Up

- Having returned from GDC we can finally update you with what we learned.
- The console is shipping world wide, including Asia and Australia, in November.
- "PlayStation Network Platform" is just an internal name, not the name consumers will be seeing.
- There will be free online multiplayer. So what will the premium subscription be for?
- The keynote demos were projected in 1080p. Warhawk looks pretty cool, Motor Storm even better.
- God of War 2 will be for PS2. But PS3 is fully backwards compatible.
- The hardware running the demos on the show floor was huge. Like the first DVD player.
- Here are Joystiq's notes.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


- Remember that we mentioned some of our conga lines have a 90 day limit now? Well FreePay who run those free gift sites has let us know why.
- If you don't want to read the below, just be safe in the knowledge that it does not affect most users since they get their gifts really quickly. Most in around 6 weeks.
- So sign up to some of our congas now and score a Free PlayStation 3, Free Sony PSP, Free Xbox 360 and a Free iPod Nano.
- There are more options if you follow the links on the sidebar to the left.

"We instituted the 90-day change so that our operations would work in tandem with the way people actually use our sites. The bottom line is: You move fast and we want to do the same.

We did a survey and found that 93 percent of our users complete their offers within 90 days of opening their account - and a sizable majority of those users (about two-thirds) actually complete their offers within six weeks or less.

It seems that if you're using a Gratis site to score a free iPod, or flatscreen or PlayStation 3 or whatever - there are 15 offers in all, check out freepay.com to see them all - you want to get the whole thing wrapped up pretty quickly - and that's fine with us.

Another reason we've made the 90-day change is that, without having an "end date" for accounts it was impossible for us to figure out where we were financially or to make accurate plans about ordering new goods to ship to our users. Sure, only about seven percent of our users had these never-ending (but never completed) accounts, but how many were going to finish the process and get their free item? None?, 10 percent?, 50 percent? More? Less? You get the picture. Too many loose ends and none of them actually doing anyone any good. So we made the switch to a 90-day structure.

However, we wanted to make the change in a totally fair and aboveboard way. Rather than instituting some kind of retroactive approach - i.e., "Hey there, wanted to let you know your account has been cancelled!" - we decided to set the clock evenly for everyone.

As of March 1, 2006, and going forward, all accounts need to be completed within 90 days of being opened. If you have an older account, whether it was started a couple of months ago or several years ago, you have until June 1, 2006 (i.e., 90 days on from March 1) to complete your account. So far, no one seems to mind, as (like we said) the vast majority of our users complete their offers within 60 or so days, sometimes less. If you're one of the few people who is disappointed by the change, then we're sorry, but we hope you now see why the change needed to happen."
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PlayStation Business Briefing 2006 Summary

- Joystiq has a great summary post on all the news from the PlayStation Business Briefing today.
- Details on the PS3 launch, new PSP price, PS2 staying at $150, online plans and more.

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First Game Details

- Right after Sony finished talking up their PS3 launch they announced "Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom", a hack-and-slash RPG, would be among the PS3 launch titles.
- It is also expected that Microsoft will launch "Halo 3" and/or "Gears of War" around the same time to try and knock some of the wind out of Sony's sails, (but how effective can these games really be against the rabid Sony fan base?)

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Finally! Some PS3 Details!

- - Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, finally unveiled some new PS3 info at the PlayStation Business Briefing 2006 in Japan.
- Here are the main points:

* The PlayStation 3 is delayed because the copy protection for Blu-ray is not ready.
* A worldwide launch, (North America, Asia and Europe,) begins within the first ten days of November 2006.
* Expect a production rate of 1 million units per month, with 6 million units released by the end of March 2007.
* Final versions of the PS3 development kits will be shipping to developers in June 2006.
* All PS3 games will be released on Blu-Ray discs only to prevent piracy.
* The console will still be able to read PS1 and PS2 CDs, PS2 DVDs and DVD movies.
* The PlayStation 3 will be 100% backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games.
* All titles played on the system (PS1, 2 and 3,) will be displayed in HD.
* The PS3 will require a hard drive, (upgradeable.) It will come with a stock 60GB HDD out of the box.
* The HDD will support Linux and can act as a home server for media.
* The PS3 will include built-in Wi-Fi and can act as an access point for the PSP.
* The rumored PlayStation HUB is now official and known as "PlayStation Network Platform."
* At launch the console will get community tools, such as lobby matching and voice chat, along with commerce features like in-game shopping and game downloads to the hard drive.
* Just like Xbox Live! on the Xbox 360, the basic service will be free.
* No price details, but Phil Harrison is making a keynote about the PS3 next week at the GDC and PSP-Files.com will be there.
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Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Details On PS3 in Under 2 Weeks

- It is well known Phil Harrison from Sony is giving a keynote speech at this year's GDC entitled "PlayStation 3: Beyond the Box".
- But now, in an interview with GameDaily, GDC Director Jamil Moledina has confirmed that some new details about the PlayStation 3 will be revealed.
- Moledina also mentions the Nintendo keynote is well worth attending too.
- Also of note is this Joystiq post that hints of a March 15th PS3 announcement from Sony in Japan.

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PS3 Begins Manufacturing In June

- Compeq, an electronics manufacturer from Taiwan, are supposedly going to start manufacturing parts for the PS3 this June.
- Compeq manufactured parts for the PSP will be making the PCBs for the PS3 now that they have been given orders from Sony.
- Compeq have not said when they were planning to start manufacturing the boards but Chinese website, Mydrivers, says they have a source in the company who said that things have to be underway by June or July, ( at least that is what The Inquirer says.)
- That would put the PS3 in stores for Christmas, at least in Japan.

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PS3 In Spring? "Impossible"

- Games Industry has a quote from Namco Bandai president Takeo Takasu:

"Without any announcements so far, the spring release is impossible. We are developing titles for PlayStation 3, but the release of the games depends on the timing of the hardware."

- Another source of bad news.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sony CEO Still Leaves Release Date Questions

- Variety have an interview with Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer. We don't learn much new about the PS3 launch with just the following mentioned:

"Sony's new PlayStation 3 was widely expected to be introduced this spring, but will be delayed as the company fine-tunes the chips that are crucial to the success of the console's Blu-ray function... Sony will roll out the PS3 by year end, in time for the holidays. If PS3 "delivers what everyone thinks it will, the game is up," Stringer boasts."
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Thursday, March 02, 2006

No PS3 At Sony's PlayStation Event So Far

- Joystiq are pointing out the following:

"With just one day remaining before the end of Sony's invite-only "Destination PlayStation" event in Miami, video game industry insiders at the event remain "very much in the dark" about Sony's launch plans for the PlayStation 3 console, reported Consumer Electronics Daily.

This could be interpreted as another data point supporting the theory that the PS3's launch schedule has slipped. Or it could just be all part of a master plan to catch the world by surprise with a surprise unveiling. Either way, our impatience grows."
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Blu-Ray News

- Engadget have reported that Blu-Ray hardware and movies are to finally hit USA stores May 23rd.
- A second wave will appear around three weeks later on June 13th.
- Movies are expected to be priced $23.45 for new titles and $17.95 for catalog titles.
- Interestingly, Sony and NEC have established a joint venture for their optical drive business, named Sony NEC Optiarc.
- Joystiq reminds us why this may be important:

"Sony is firmly embedded into the Blu-ray camp and is somewhat banking the success of the format with its upcoming PlayStation 3 console. NEC, however, supports HD DVD, so on which format will Optiarc focus? Our guess is Blu-ray, since Sony owns a majority (55%) and the joint venture is to be run by a Sony exec. This would be a major blow to the HD DVD camp, who might have just lost a major player."
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Conga Changes

Free Sony PlayStation 3

- Freepay, who run some of the offer sites for our congas, have changed their terms and conditions as of yesterday.
- You now have to complete all requirements within 90 days of signing up.
- That should mean our congas start moving faster than ever before, so it is a great time to sign up.
- Lines affected are:

Free PS3
Free PSP
Free Xbox 360
Free iPod Nano

- Conga pages are here:

Free PlayStation 3
Free PlayStation Portable
Free Xbox 360
Free iPod Nano
Free Xbox 360
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Another New Site!

- PS2-Files.com now joins in on the fun, for those still in the "current-gen."

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